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(UP)Rising Sonz!

Scott Kinsey, Mark Felt
304 pages, 7"x10"
ISBN: 978-1-86154-330-1
US $49.50

(Up)Rising Sonz! is an homage to some of the colorful and inspirational people that drive Japanese sub- and pop cultures by following their passions. The common language is art and the thread that ties them together is skateboarding. This pictorial travel diary shows skating as a catalyst for stylistic experimentation, which transcends boundaries, language barriers, cultural differences and physical distance.

(Up)Rising Sonz! represents the full spectrum of generations that have influenced skate style, fashion, and street attitude, one of the main sources for the creative essence of Japanese city youth. (Up)Rising Sonz! reveals multi-disciplinary artists with a strong DIY ethic. These skaters-turned-artists now boast legions of fans and their influence reaches the worlds of fashion, literature, film, and art. (UP)Rising Sonz!” is a celebration and an exploration of their astounding creativity on and off the skateboard, spotlighting the lifestyles of unique individuals who have had a major influence on the direction of skateboarding and youth culture as a whole.

about the authors
Scott Kinsey A.K.A. GOODFEAR is a Creative Director and Artist living and working in Santa Monica, CA. He is also a contributor to Trace magazine.

Fine art printer Mark Felt prints illustrations, paintings and photography and has been working as an Inferno/Flame compositor for commercials and film. Oh yeah he builds bikes now too.


Published By: BOOTH-CLIBBORN EDDITIONS | Designed By: GOODFEAR, Inc. (First Edition January 1 2008)
ISBN 978-1-86154-330-1